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How to select the perfect His And Hers Promise Rings. From design to measurement!

Engagement rings symbolize the love dedication, loyalty, and devotion between couples. However the design and shape of the ring have additional symbols that many couples incorporate when creating a ring, or choosing the right ring to symbolize their relationship.

The symbolism of the engagement ring

Archduke Maximilian presented his fiancee Mary de Burgundy the first diamond engagement ring in 1477. Before that, engagement rings were simple metal bands (iron for commoners, whereas silver and gold were common for those who were royalty) or were made of cheaper gemstones. Engagement rings made of diamonds are the most popular option for couples today However, other gemstones are becoming more popular as well.

In the beginning, the ring not only promoted the status of the woman promised to a man and also the value of the jewelry reflected the social status and wealth of her husband.

The ancient Romans believed that the left ring finger contained the "vena Amoris" or love vein, which was connected directly to the hearts. The Egyptians as well as other ancient cultures also utilized this symbolism. This tradition continues in the present, with engagement rings and wedding bands. In fact, wedding rings are first put on the left ring finger in order to be closest to the heart.

See our guide on which finger to wear the ring on.

The circle and engagement rings

Engagement rings are basically circles made of metal. The circle is part of the sacred symbology. The circles aren't completed or unfinished, and symbolize eternity, renewal and perfection. They are also symbolic of the moon, sun and planets, uniting all life in the same way that rings of engagement unite the lives of two people.

Double ceremony of ringing

In the course of World War II, when many young men left behind wives and girlfriends and friends, the practice of a double ring wedding ceremony became popular in the United States. In a double-ring ceremony, both women and men receive wedding rings. In earlier times it was only the bride who received an engagement ring.

The exchange of rings was the symbol of fidelity and mutual respect in a marriage, not the ownership of a property.

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly commonplace for men to wear engagement rings to indicate that they have committed to an engagement proposal. The double ring ceremony is celebrated by most couples and the men's engagement ring's popularity is growing to further the meaning.

The meaning behind the engagement ring

Many couples select engagement rings that have personal meaning. For instance, Celtic engagement rings have distinct designs, with knots of family members and other traditions, while antique rings can be heirlooms from the family that continue family traditions. Designer engagement rings typically have distinctive elements, for example, delicate filigree designs that spell out words or data and distinctive settings can be used to express a couple's individual tastes to express their individuality. In our article, we offer various rings to pick from.

A second way to incorporate personal meaning in a ring is to use multiple diamonds. For instance engagement rings that have three differently shaped diamonds, each representing a different stage of the couple's relationship that is past, present and future.

An engagement ring with engraving is a different method of adding meaning to jewelry. While some cultures believe that engraving the ring's circle could bring bad luck because it weakens the symbol (there is no difference in the strength or durability), other traditions believe that it will create the sense of uniqueness and intimacy, and also make a stronger bond.

Whatever the design however, it is evident that the symbolism of the engagement ring plays a significant role in deciding the wedding ring of the groom and bride. Whether I choose traditional diamond solitaire rings to honor family traditions, a heritage ring to celebrate family or a brand new ring with symbolic personal elements the most important aspect is that the ring truly symbolizes the love, respect, and commitment to those they will share it with.

For a long time the extravagant look of engagement rings was a sign of a man's wealth, and his ability to provide for his wife. Women could not usually own a home and were dependent on their husbands to support them. We're glad to say that we've advanced a great deal since then, and contemporary couples are discovering many ways to personalize and update 21st century engagement traditions!

Why give a diamond ring as an engagement ring?

You can find rings that match your style, personality or preference.

There are many options for engagement rings. You can pick from a wide range of colored gemstones or diamonds and a three-stone ring or a ring that has stones around the entire perimeter. You can also choose a diamond band for your engagement ring. What is the best method to choose? Take a look at these suggestions.

Solitaire: all eyes on the diamond

The diamond is the focal point of a solitaire diamond engagement. The ring is stunning, pure appearance. It is an ode that speaks directly to the person wearing it. The single diamond can sit on top of a plain or a fancy ring, however, the stone is an individual piece.

You will likely spend more on the diamond in solitaire ring than in the ring.

Consider a solitaire engagement rings for the following reasons:

A solitaire ring is timeless and lets women "dress up" the ring with complementary rings or a more elaborate wedding band.

Make an investment in a diamond you'd like to be associated with.

The classic beauty and elegance of solitaire rings will complement any woman's personality and taste.

Remember: "A diamond will last forever". This means that the durability, rarity, and purity of the diamond are tied to the quality and longevity of your marriage. The diamond engagement ring symbolizes your commitment to her. It is also a nonverbal recognition of your love for.

How to select an engagement ring for your girlfriend:

Give her an engagement ring with diamonds to demonstrate your love and dedication.

Be real.

Be honest about how you feel.

Express yourself and be vulnerable.

Nothing can create deep feelings of connection and love more than the desire to be vulnerable even in the event that it scares you! Tell her what you think about her choosing you as her husband, and also about the honor that is associated with being her spouse. Also, tell her your plans for the next few years.

However, it is important to anchor these dreams and emotions on the diamond engagement ring. An engagement ring can be seen as a symbol for the eternal love you share.

A diamond engagement ring can be thought of as the circle of life. It also represents your desire to spend the rest of your life with her. In this case, observing each other's demands will bring happiness to your marriage.

Buying an engagement ring represents an important step in your relationship. It is a sign that your relationship has reached the next level of commitment. You can then move forward together in your daily lives.

The diamond engagement ring is a symbol of love that can enhance your life. It represents your relationship. Because it symbolizes the bond between you and the beauty you admire in each other.

So when he gazes at the diamond, it will be nice to hear your voice whispering "I love you" since that is the true meaning of an engagement ring.

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